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V-Studio and more


If you didn't know, I have a few different presences on the Internet. V-Studio has always been my graphic design moniker. Because files here are always free, I have begun posting files for a fee at the Hungry Jpeg . I will add a link here at the Craft Chop to let you know of new files available for a fee. Those titles will end with the dollar sign so you know right away, they are files on the Hungry Jpeg

I often refer to a sister site, Try it - Like it. This site is my primary website where I post about crafts, tutorials, reviews, giveaways, travel, and recipes. When I fell in love with Cricut, I started The Craft Chop because I didn't want to overwhelm Try it - Like it with SVG posts. 

There are a few other sites that aren't as active as these three. Why so many?

I am a former college professor teaching Graphic Design and Fine Art. I chose to stay home to raise my family but I needed a creative outlet that fit into my available time. Web sites became my outlet. Recently, I have started to focus on these sites for income and opportunities as well. 

So you can see, I have always enjoyed teaching and helping inform people. I hope you have found The Craft Chop to be just that. 

I still get a thrill seeing that I have gained a new follower, a like on a file, and especially a comment or question. So, let me hear from you. And if you liked and used a file, I hope you feel motivated to donate as you can. It isn't required, files will continue to be free. Monies earned are used to register the site and pay for hosting.

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