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Blog posts January 2015

Bag Template

[SVG file]
Cut the black lines and score on the red. Thread ribbon or yarn through the holes for handles.

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Fix a Cracked Mat

I was using my mat as suggested by Cricut, to roll the mat to remove the paper so that the paper didn't curl. Well, the paper didn't curl, but my mat cracked.

this is the back of the mat

I can still use the mat in different areas and work around the crack. The mat wasn't that old and I wanted to…

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Spring Break

Flip Flops [SVG file]
Shell 1 [SVG file]
Sun [SVG file]
Sand Dollar [SVG file]
Starfish [SVG file]
Shell 2 [SVG file]

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[SVG file]

Cut on the black line and score the red line.

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London's Calling

Phone Booth [SVG file
Double Decker [SVG file
Guard [SVG file
London Sign [SVG file
Crown [SVG file
Taxi [SVG file

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Sand Pail



[SVG file]

Shutter Card

Black lines cut out, red lines score, green lines cut out two of each to use as overlays for the card.

[SVG file]

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P. Bubblegum

Ice King



Making a Monogram

You want to make a monogram but don't know where to begin? People on facebook have said they are using a free app and saving the image so they can import it to Design Space. The app can be found on iTunes. It's called Monogram it! lite

From the company:

  • Personalize your screen with the cute…

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[SVG file]

It's a game. It's a learning tool. It's creative. Play!

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Cowboy Hat

Fireman Hat

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